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Morning Light Foundation is to support educational programs for the disadvantaged students to be responsible and successful members of society with passion and love.


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Resources for higher education are scarce in China, and the gap between urban and rural education is striking, and many kids in the rural areas do not have the opportunity to receive education. Realizing this discrepancy, we at MLF sought to reach out and help the needy, while continuing to expand sponsorship programs so more will benefit. Help spread the word and raise awareness, tell your friends about MLF and our programs.


Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2005, Morning Light Foundation (MLF)
is a non-profit charitable organization (IRC501c3 exempt organization)
dedicated to helping students with financial need both in China and in
Southern California. More than 5,000 university students with financial need
have been benefited from its scholarship program in China, hundreds of student-teachers are sponsored to teach in rural villages, and 30 elementary schools have been built in Guangxi, Jiangxi, Anhui and Hunan Provinces in China.

In 2015, MLF began offering scholarships to students of Chinese descent in the United States. First made available to international foreign students, the scholarship was then extended to domestic students in 2018. These scholarships offered by MLF are designed to help students with financial
need in pursuit of higher education.

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